Patricia Dreyfus

     Patricia is an award winning poet and freelance writer. She is too old to be eulogized as, "So young and so gifted."

     She was raised in Compton, California, and is "of "California. Don't mention what has happened in the "Golden State" in the last 25 years because she goes on about it.

     She is the best argument for gun control laws you will ever meet, because if she had her pearl handled derringer in her purse, some people would be in danger.

    She spent many years in the laundry room and kitchen in the contemplation of socks and spaghetti. Patricia has raised 5 outstanding children, who in turn have given her 11 perfect grand children, who call her "Bubbles."

     She has traveled extensively, has experienced the joys and sorrows of many cultures and loves to share her travel tales. She speaks very poor Spanish, and lives in  California with her first and favorite husband, Gary.


                         Feria Sevilla


Greece, Amherst Writers Group “Women Reading Aloud”



Patricia Dreyfus   

Birthday: October, Libra

Status: Married

Hometown: Compton,                



Solas Award: Best Travel Writing, 2009    “Tiger”          Poetry:

    Writers Digest Awards:

        Requiem for California

        MIA Vietnam

        La Llarona

California Chaparral Writers

       Mountain House  Garden

       Hidden Land

Anderbo Poetry Finalist: 2011

The Noon of Night

Solas Award “silver” 2012

“Mama Ibeji”


Samples of Patricia’s Writing



Travel Writer





Wise Wild Woman


  Professional Associations:

The Writing Well

International Women’s

     Writing Guild

California State Poet’s Society

Los Angeles Poet’s and

Writer’s Collective


   A Room Of Her Own

   Greater Los Angeles

                         Writers Society

Academy of American Poets

Quote: “All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.” Julian of Norwich


“ Well, la de frickin’da!”

New Reading: Season of the Witch.

Travel Destination:

Eastern Europe



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